Sprüche, lustige Fragen, ect

Mittags in der Cafeteria (Camp). Friederike und Julia holen essen und sehen Schokokuchen. Friederike lässt ihren Burger fallen.
Friederike: Scheiß auf den Burger!! HOL DEN KUCHEEEEN!!!

EF-Mann: Was tut ihr, wenn ihr in Amerika schwanger werdet?
Junge: So schnell wie möglich das Land verlassen.

Rieki: Ich weiss jetzt, warum Amis nur Fast Food essen. Der Salat hier schmeckt echt SCH**E!

Mrs R.: Wie hieß New York vorher?
A: New Amersterdam ...
Mrs R: Genau! Und wo liegt Amsterdam?
B: Deutschlaaaaaaand!
Mrs R: ... Nele?
Ich: Niederlande ...

F (Gastschwester): Nele, do you like cheese?
Ich: Sure.
F: Me, too. Especially ketchup! 

Mr T (Bandteacher): This is great music! And do you know what's great about it? It's great.

Ms R (Geschichte): Well guys, then there is this guy who founded the "sons of liberty", but since you're not allowed to drink you should not know his name.
Ms R: Okay, I do not want to know where you know that from ...

Me: Soo when are you taking the Bio SOL?
Sav: I already did last year. When are you taking it? ... wait, did you already take it last year?

Sav: I love you <4. Because 4 is more than 3.

Me: Yeah she messaged me on facebook. I got the notification at school but I couldnt open it because facebook is blocked . .
Carolyn: Oh, really? What did she say? . . . oh wait. Don't answer that. That was american stupidity.

Mr T: Don't worry Jeannie. You're a musician, you will never make it in Math.

Mrs Cash (Math): I'm glad you feel stupid. Now sit down and shut up.

Ms W (Bio): Because what grows well in grassland? 
Kevin: Shopping malls.

Me: What are these?
Gretl: Gummi bears!
Me: So .. what do they do?!
Gretl: Look in your tummy for all the egg shells and get them out.

(Band conversations)
Me: So Mary, how do you like district band?
Mary: It's ok. Hard .. it's not really my favorite .. no I hate it! I HATE IT!

Ms W (Bio): Scientists and poets are the exact opposites.
                     Scientists take something nobody knows and put it so everyone understands it.
                     Poets take something everyone knows and put it so nobody understands it.

Mike (bus driver): Have fun today. Take care. Learn a lot! Absorb the knowledge! Like a                                            sponge!

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