Dienstag, 16. Dezember 2014

Heyo guys.
Seriously, I havent blogged in FOREVER. I didnt really feel like it and also school was really busy, but yeah now I'm here and I feel like I have some time and motivation to talk some about my life again. :P

So, where did I stop?! Still in Richmond.
Well the last few days at VCU where pretty great (as I might have already said, I really don't remember). The day before my flight home Sav had to leave town for family reasons, so I stayed in his room with the "southside gang" (basically just our bunch of people there). Having him leave first kinda sucked, but I also didn't really realize what was happening so maybe it even made the whole thing easier. But still, it was the first time he didn't come to the airport with me, and it was weird. So I spent the day with the rest of the guys, and the morning of my flight they all got up relatively early (definitely early for college students on a Saturday) to help me get my stuff ready and say goodbye, and then Michael and his girlfriend Hannah took me to the airport.
Leaving actually was a little easier. Maybe because the biggest (or worst?) part was already over, maybe because I knew it was only a 'see you later' and this see you later would only be 4.5 months away, which is the shortest it's ever been!

The first days home were pretty bad again, but once I got over the kind of cultureshock which seems to happen literally every single time, I was doing pretty well again. The month there at college with Sav was just fking perfect, it was the greatest thing we've ever done.

So then school started getting crazy. 2-3 exams every week until christmas break, we all thought we were gonna die. Well, I just started taking everything waay easier which is doing my mental health really well! And so today is already Dec 16 so it's only 3 more days until break, only one more exam tomorrow, and we survived it all. I don't quite know how, but looking back at it it wasn't even too bad.
Also, I finally got the okay for my research paper. So starting in January, I will have 3 months to write a 12-15 page research paper about the effect of music on children and teenagers.

Yeah, I've been trying to talk my parents into letting me go to VCU and getting me a new flute. I mean, as you might understand, it's a looooong process. But I honestly think I'm not even doing that badly, of course I won't get a 13,000$ flute by tomorrow, but I'm not doing too badly. I still need to look into the whole SAT taking thing and do that (eeeeh I dont wanna :( ), but I already figured out a lot of stuff. :) I'm really excited, I have exactly one year left do get it all done and I'll have to have applied by Dec 1 next year.

And I already booked my flight back to RVA :) I'll be gone between March 26 and April 11 this time. It's not a whole month again, I know, but it's my Easter break and that's all I've got so we gotta make the best of it.

Uhm, other thoughts ... plans ... I decided to do a crash course for my license next summer, so I'll get my license after two weeks of constant training. Sounds hard, is probably gonna be hard, but it's also quick and that's basically all I care about.
Then, I've been craving Chipotle like a bch. It's bad. I want a burrito.

And I'm turning 18 the day after tomorrow, but for some reason everyone else seems so much more excited that I am myself. Honestly, the thing I'm most excited about is that I'll be able to write my own notes for PE ... #lazy