Samstag, 11. Oktober 2014

Welcome to the Virginia Commonwealth University!

I made it!! I'm here :D

First of all, I'm sorry for not having posted in so long. I was really planning on doing it a couple of times but I was actually kinda busy with school and everything.

So yesterday was FINALLY Oct 10 and I got to go back to the United States - to Virginia - to see all of my lovely people here.

What happened ... I had to go to Charlotte, NC before going to Richmond. As much as I was looking forward to the weather here (It'd been over 80 degrees last week, I was so excited and even packed a pair of shorts), it's really rainy and kind of cold actually. Probably not quite as cold as Germany right now but yeah.

So Sav picked me up from the airport with two friends, David and Michael. They are reeally cool, I literally already love most of the people I've met here. We went to eat something first at a place called uhm .. something with Steaks? I can't remember. The food was good (I MISSED AMERICAN FOOD SO MUCH) but the portion as also huuge :D After that we stopped by at Target to get some stuff and then went to VCU to put my stuff in S's dorm room and just chill a little.

VCU amazes me. Having been at the University in my hometown in Germany not long ago I just realized how increadibly beautiful it is here. The buildings are huge (okay, everything is huge here) and I don't know. I can't quite put it into words other than saying that it's extremely beautiful.

So we hung out in Sav's room with a lot of people actually, it was great. They are all so nice and cool :) In general i just really like somehow how people just knock and walk in the whole time, like it's so rare to be alone. I don't know, maybe I'll start having a problem with that at some point but right now I just love having so many positive people around me, it's fantastic. They were planning on getting more food later that night, but in the end we didn't do it and I was kinda thankful because I was reeeeally tired.

This morning we stayed in bed til like 11 but it seemed way longer for me. Let's see how long this jet lag is going to bug me this time. But yeah after taking a shower and all that we went to iHop to get breakfast with all the people.

So, some background information for my following posts, just to understand all of what I'm talking about the whole time. "All the people" is most likely always gonna be Sav's group of friends. They call themselves the "South Side Gang" (because they all live on the southside of the dorm floor - tricky tricky lol) I can't really tell how many they are, I'm at 5 right now. I love them, they're all really cool and extremely nice and really positive people, so basically just the kind of people I kinda needed for a change :D
And also, I really like the dining thing here. So you get dining dollars from VCU (which you pay for in the tuition of course) on your VCU ID card and then there are fast food places on campus that take those dining dollars, it's perfect. I unfortunately don't have a VCU ID (that would've been so freaking cool) so I have to pay with "real money" everywhere . . . booooriiingggggg :D
What else is there to tell. I don't know, the dorms room really look like college dorm rooms hahah, it's so comfortable here. I FREAKING LOVE IT. I hope that the classes are gonna be just as fantastic. Kiara also stopped by last night to say hi, she lives in the same building but a couple of floors higher. I'm gonna be shadowing here in school and I'm really really excited.
This is gonna be so great :D

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