Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2014

VCU arts - we're kind of a big deal

Short update on my great life here as a wannabe music student! Sorry I don't post as much but life is too much fun to spend time on the computer.

So last week wednesday we had friends from Cville coming over (Shaun and Armanny) and we went to VA beach with them for an evening. It was really great, just something you don't do every day but it was totally worth it. They picked us up at around 3pm and we got to the beach around 5.30. We went to eat dinner at some really nice restaurant right on the beach and just walked around and had fun :) Unfortunately we couldn't stay the night, so we headed back towards Richmond/Cville around 9pm. It was a heck of a drive, but it was so much more fun.

Then I had my first flute lesson with Dr. E last week friday. I was kinda worried/nervous, but it was fantastic! She's a great teacher (a lot like my german teacher for some reason) and apparently she really likes my playing (or maybe that's just what she's got to say hahah). We talked about majors and stuff, and she told me that a lot of the performing arts students have double majors. To make their families a bit happier and to have something to fall back on in case it just doesn't work out with getting a job and all that jazz. So right now I'm actually thinking about maybe doing the same thing and going for a double major in performing arts and international relations. Would be hella cool, but you know it's all a matter of how much you can affort.

What else. Uhm. Last weekend Sav and I tried to take the bus down to downtown Richmond, but we couldn't find "downtown Richmond", so we basically just rode the bus around and went back to the Campus to have dinner hahah. It was kinda fun. 
Other than that we still have the same classes (classes are fun. I really like them, even though I kinda have the need to punch his keyboard skills teacher every once in a while. She's like that old lady that just goes around, putting students on the spot and instead of actually teaching them she just keeps on yelling "no! wrong!" at them. Gaaaahhh). The food is guuuuud, we went to some new mexican places ("new". I just hadn't been there before) but we decided to stick to Cane's and iHop mostly :D
We still take kind of a lot of naps, go to bed way too late, hangout with the guys and do way too much insane stuff. But that's what it's all about, right? Having fun? Isn't that what college is about?

Well, I'm having tons of fun here, and I'm actually learning SO much. It's fantastic. I'll actually try to post a couple of pics later tonight :)

Stay fresh!

P.S. There's a "haunted house" thing on our floor right now, as preparation for Halloween I guess. It's pretty damn great. All you can hear is screaming people. Mwhahahahah

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