Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2014

A day in the life of a music student (shadow)

The alarm rings at 7 am. After a not all too comfortable night getting up is kinda hard, so we stay in bed until 7.45.
I'm really glad that the single bathroom isn't taken. I get a bit mad every once in a while when I'm in a hurry and a guy takes up that bathroom - as I'm staying on the boy's floor it's the only bathroom I can use while they have two big other bathrooms. Relatively quick shower and back to S's room. I feel kind of bad blow drying my hair while Luke and Kai are still asleep, but we have to leave.
8.45, we're heading out to get breakfast before class, meeting David R on the way but he doesn't want to come. Einstein Bros (Bagels) with bacon and cheese, veeeery good :3 So off to Keyboard Skills, that class. . . I spend the 50 min sitting next to Sav trying to teach him stuff on the piano and playing my own stuff. Turns out I taught him more than his teacher did all last semester - woops. Back to the room since our next class isn't until 11am.
Sav tries to sign me in; the security lady starts asking around if she's even allowed to take foreign ID's (don't be a bitch, it worked all last week.) Back upstairs, the guys are still asleep. We watch a show on the bed for about 45 min, then head back out to Aural Skills. Class with Dr. Hammel (m), comment: Oh, the shadow is back, the German! (background knowledge, he named me Shadow #2 last week) Girl next to me asks me if I know German and if my name is actually Shadow. Righttttt ... talk to her for a while, nice person :)
Aural Skills is fun, we're singing solfege and conduct and all that. Hard, but fun. Dr. Hammel lets us go early for no real reason, but who would complain. Sav and I try to get a practice room, but he can't open it so it's just back to the dorm again.
We eat some chocolate because we're already hungry again and watch some more "Hunter" (the show). At 12.40 he brings me down to the lobby again to sign me out so I can go to my next and last class, University Band. It feels good to be able to walk around campus by myself; I know my way around now, but he has to sign me in almost everywhere I go. I go to the huge performing arts center and sit down in the big hall with all the other band members. Kiara arrives only a few minutes later and soon we can go in together. Unpacking and on stage. I'm not quite sure whether Dr Austin knows that I'm still there, Kiara doesn't tell him; he looks at me a couple of times during rehearsal, probably because I sit right in front of him, but I'm still not sure. He starts telling us about his experiences playing at some national convention in Cincinnati and we play a bit, but the 50 min rehearsal goes by very very fast.
I walk Kiara halfway to the Pizza place because she wants to get food but then head back to Johnson since Sav will be waiting for me in the lobby at 2 to sign me back in (it's a pain). Neither  Kai nor Luke are in the room, so I use the time to practice a little and Sav does his homework. Luke and his girlfriend Emily walk in (oops) but only drop their stuff off before going to lunch. I practice for about 30 min before Kai comes back as well (for good). Sav is still doing homework.
I join him and help him out a bit, ending up in doing quite some levels myself (ought to say though, it was a very good practice for me too). It gets to the point where both of us just mess up over and over again, so we decide to just rest a bit - - and end up taking a 2h nap. Thankfully Kiara shows up at 6.20 to tell me where the flute recital is, I go into sort of a post-nap shock (unexpected nap fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck) which only lasts for a couple of seconds though since the recital is at 7. We get up and I slowly get ready. Sav doesn't want to come, so he just signs me out and starts working on the homework again.
Unexpectedly Dr. E is the one playing in the recital (with some guy on the oboe, he is reeeal good) I get together with Kiara and Taylor whom I finally run into for the first time since I'm here.
The recital is really nice, not too long and they play extremely well (well, they are the professors here) I text Sav as it's done and walk back to Johnson by myself. He is already waiting to sign me back in, and we go back up to his room (which is on the second floor btw). He is still doing homework, it doesn't seem to end. We start working together again (team work is the best kind of work) and it goes just on and on and on. People keep on walking into the room to talk a bit but never stay too long. at around 10pm I start getting hungry again, but we decide to finish the MacGomut first before going to Cane's. It takes us another hour until we're finally done, Unfortunately no one wants to come since they all got food already (damn homework.) It takes us quite a while to get our food, and we walk back to the dorms to eat it there. So back to bed it is, we eat our chicken fingers (God they're guuuuuud) and I go to get ready for bed/. I technically wanted to go to bed a little earlier, but it's already after midnight again.
So Sav and I get into bed, Kai as well as Luke and Emily are watching something on their laptops and we open YouTube to watch some PewDiePie. Thanks to Advising Day we don't have any music classes tomorrow, which means as much as no classes for me. Awkward as I am I will have to go to Sav's advising though, since neither of us can leave the building alone anymore (he signs me in with his ID, and the only way to get it back is to sign me out too). Oh well, who would complain? More to learn for me, and more time to practice.
We relax a bit from the day and soon fall asleep with the laptop open. Tomorrow, 7am, the alarm will go off again and who knows how we'll get out of bed this time ...

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