Sonntag, 10. August 2014

What time is it? ~ SUMMERTIME !

I dont even know how to start this post. I saw that I havent posted anything in over a month, but nothing really happened, so yeah.

Ive been on summer break for two weeks now. Gosh guys, it feels so good. I really needed a break from school and everything and Im enjoying it to the fullest now.
My parents were on vacation for the past two weeks so I was home alone, which was AWESOME. I slept a lot, ate a lot (XD), but also worked a lot. I've been working crazily much because all the money I make now I will still get before I go back to the States.

Last weekend, I went to Paris with Sarah (my host family's exchange student from 2 years before me) and some other friends to see Carolyn, Jared, his girlfriend and her brother who are traveling Europe and stopped by in Paris to see us! It was great! :D So we went off to Paris on Saturday morning and spent the whole day running around the city to see as much as possible. It's a really beautiful city and we actually did see a lot for only one day, but you definitely have to spend like a whole week there or something.Notre Dame, Le Louvre (that thing is freaking HUGE), Champs Elysée and L'arch du triomphe.Went up on the arch and had like the most beautiful view over the city. We all fell in bed halfway dead that night :D The next morning we went to some huge cemetary where a whole lot of really famous people are burried (I cant remember the name) before we went off to see the Eiffel tower and meet our favorite Americans :3 We were supposed to meet them right underneath the tower - not thinking about the fact that there were hundreds of people . . . . anyways, we were really late but we found each other! :) Then we went to some church together and to Sacre Coeur afterwards. In front of Sacre Coeur were some pretty cool performers, like this one guy who was doing stunts with a soccer ball on a post - he was crazy - and a musician performing his original music and he was just sooo good! Then we went to the Luxembourgian garden and to get food, before we had to part again already :( It was a really short day, but we had a whole lot of fun :) So us Germans went back to the hotel and headed off back home. I got home at like 2:30am but it was definitely worth it!!

Finally reunited <3

Aint we qts

What else is happening right now. Ive been in touch with the professors from VCU and they actually have like the whole thing planned out for me and it all sounds so FREAKING AMAZING I CANT EVEN AAH!! Im so freaking excited and today its only 2 more months!! :D