Montag, 16. Juni 2014

VCU - here I come!

I know I said I wouldnt post anymore, but you know .. it's kinda the thing about blogging .. once you started, you dont really stop anymore hahah. Anywayyyyssss, I've got news!

So after talking through the whole internship thing with my school, they actually approved and said that if I have them put me on leave I can do it! That was a while ago, so ever since then I've been like frantically trying to plan it all out because since they're all already on summer break it's reeeally hard to talk to the professors over there.
But yeah, I finally made it and they approved of me coming to stay at the campus for 4 weeks as well!! Aaahh!! I was soo excited and I still am!

So I let my parents sign the request to put me on leave (I gave it to the principal like a week ago but it's most likely gonna take ages until I hear back from him), I booked the flights ( AAAHHH SOO EXCITEEDDD), VCU emailed me about the stuff that they have in mind for me anndd I found a place to stay! Since it's in the fall semester they dont have free housing where I could stay, so I'm gonna stay with an upcoming junior, Taylor, whom I have met during my exchange year and who also plays the flute! :D

I'm more than excited. It's like my dream coming true one step at a time and it just feels amazing. I'm so grateful for being able to do this. It's amazing.

I also decided on writing a research paper for school next year. It's gonna be for English class and about the effect of music on children, so it should be a lot of fun :) It's actually quite complicated because you have to write the research paper in one of your 3 major classes and you need the teacher you have in that class to supervise it, but each teacher is only allowed to supervise 5 students. And only in my English class there were like 9 people who wanted to write one . . . but my teacher said she already put me down as a priority because she knew I would want to write mine in English hahah. (She obviously knew it before me, because I just decided to write one at all lol) So that's probably what I'm gonna work on during the summer.

What else is there .. I dont know. Maybe I should just mention that the National soccer team just kicked Portugal's butt with a 4-0 victory in the world cup! GO GERMANYYY!

Also, 116 days til  VCU :3

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