Montag, 30. Juni 2014

"The world," he said, "is not a wish-granting factory."

Hey guys,
short update on life, because it's 5 in the morning and I cant sleep and I dont have much better to do.

So, everything about my fall trip is planned out now. I'm put on leave (it didnt even take long, maybe a week for my principal to reply), the flights are booked, I have a place to stay and a program to attend at VCU. Now all I can do is wait for time to pass reeeally quickly, because 102 days but still I just cant wait.

And right now I really do need time to pass quickly. Life's been rough lately, and I just want to go back to my american life and to S. Even though exams are over for me, school is being a real pain in the butt. My teachers are having the fun of their lives torturing us with all kinds of things, and I just cant wait for July 14 when they have to turn our final grades in (hence no more tests, quizzes, presentations and whatnot). Sometimes I wonder how people can be as sardistic as some of the teachers here are. Also, I wonder how I'm supposed to survive another 1.5 years with them.
On the other hand, I'll be done with junior year in like 4 weeks! Having made it feels great (I'll just assume that I'll make it through the rest now lol) and then if you think about it, it's only 1.5 more years and I'll be outta there. It's sad how we have 13 years of school and senioritis already set in like the flu. Everyone is trying to party their way through but really, we just all want to be done with high school already.
Oh, we're also reading + watching "The Fault In Our Stars" in English class now. Right now, English is definitely my favorite class - not only because well English, but also because my teacher agreed with us on reading and watching that book (which is most likely gonna end up in all of us sitting in the movie theater crying our hearts out) and not giving us any more grades. It's just a relieve when I look at all the other classes thinking that now that exams are over for us, we can just start with unanounced quizzes and all that fun stuff :) Oh man. But how does Augustus Waters say? "The world is not a wish-granting factory."

So I'm trying to start planning my summer break already. School gets out on Jly 25 and I'll already be home alone for 1 or 2 weeks starting that friday. I'm hoping to be able to take the TOEFL test during break, as well as the SAT but I'm not too sure that's gonna work out. Well, trying. Also I'll probly have to work a lot plus write my research paper or at least get started on it. Other than that, I'll just enjoy 6 weeks of no school and hope that they'll speed up the time so the fall will come even faster!!

~ 102 ~

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