Sonntag, 11. Mai 2014

"America 2.0"

America 2.0. The reunion. The 2 weeks I had been waiting for for over 9 months.

I'm sorry I didnt blog while I was in the states, and it's been 2 weeks already since I got back again, but I'll explain it to you. 
I'm not quite sure if I'm gonna keep this blog. Tbh, I kept it mostly for myself, because going back and reading what I did on certain days during my exchange year is the greatest thing on the world and I am so proud that I blogged every single day. But while I was in the states again, I thought that maybe, maybe I should stop. Because America became a part of my life, a huge part and it's there with me every single day, but I dont want to keep an online diary. As selfish as it sounds, I dont want the whole world to read about my everyday life, my relationship and all that. So I think this might be my last post, or at least they're gonna get way fewer. 

I'm still gonna tell you about my little "back to life" experience.

So the flight to Cville was alright, nothing went wrong but my last plane was almost an hour late so that made it really hard to wait for me. S' picked me up from the airport which was amazing; being back with him felt even better than I thought it would. It was amazing. 

Being back in Cville didnt feel weird at all. So many people asked me if it wasn't extremely awkward or anything but really, it just felt like I'd never been gone. I got there, S's family welcomed me so dearly, and I felt like home. 

The 2 weeks were the most amazing weeks that I've had in such a long time. I know I said that the weeks in Germany might have been the best of my life, but really, I felt like these 2 weeks were even better. I dont know. We're growing up, we're more mature about everything and still we're like little kids sometimes. It's amazing.

So what did we do. The first night back was prom, and it was really great. I got to see so many of my friends and yeah I cant even really put it into words. I totally surprised Allie and she started crying and I started crying and oh god. 
For the rest of the time I went to school with S', we went out to eat a couple of times (I dont think Ive ever had that many milkshakes in only two weeks . . . but they were so good *-*), went out to the movies and spent a lot of time just hanging out together watching Supernatural and stuff. We watched so much Supernatural together. You might say, what a terrible way to waste your time when it's already so limited but nuh uh. Even now looking back I can say that watching Spn in his was definitely one of the best things we did. And I miss it so much. 

Oh, we also cooked together. Skipped school twice (Senior Skip Day and my last full day there  . . . woops).

And I also spent a day with my host family again, played a lot with the girls and all that. We made grilled cheese and it was a taco night with cards and I saw Jeanne and Ken and Wendy's parents and Carolyn and all those lovely people and I was so happy. I really missed them.

 It was as if I had never left. And I wish I hadnt. Again. Of course S' and I are talking and skyping a lot, but especially the flight and the first few night back alone in my own bed were hell. It hurt so so much, and it still does hurt, but I know that I'll be back soon. 

I'm planning on going back for fall break now. Also, I have a 4 week internship around fall break (so the week before break, the two weeks of break and then the week after) which I am trying to spend in Richmond at VCU (try out the flute program and all). It's all really complicated but oh gosh I so so so so hope that it'll work out! Not only would that mean 4 weeks US at the college where my bf is gonna be as well as actually a whole lot of my friends, but I would get to look into the freaking FLUTE PROGRAM AT VCU HOW FREAKING AMAZING IS THAT CMON!?!?!? It's literally my dream and I'm working really hard on it right now. 

Anyways, I'll see if I'll keep on posting. And how frequently and all. But yeah, thanks y'all for reading my blog (again, maybe) you're the best and I love you!

And yeah, here some pics :) 

I also saw Lisa, the other German exchange student from last year again!!! It was amazing!!

Easter in VA <3

He was not amused on my last day..

I think I found myself a real swell guy right there.

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