Donnerstag, 10. April 2014

Today is the Day.

Today is April 10. It's spring break!

And also, it's my last day in Germany for the next 2.5 weeks. I don't think I have to mention how incredibly excited I am!
So today was our last day of school before break and we had to go the stations of the cross together which was kind of annoying since it was really cold in the morning. Well then we had another class of PE (Fun! or not) before break started and everyone was just getting excited about Easter and the free days and everything. I went to the bank to change my money (I have $$ again :3) aand yeah home. Finished packing, slept, got some more stuff done while there's still enough time.

Now it's a little after 11pm. I still have about 3.5 hours left until my dad and I will be heading to the airport, and 8.5 hours left until my flight departs. Aaand approximately 29 hours until I'll be back in C'ville!!! I'm so excited I want to cry :3

It'll be a really long journey. I have 2 layovers, one of them being 6h long (it'll be hard). But aaahhhhhhhh!!!!

So I'm skyping Sav now until I have to leave. It feels exactly like my last night in Germany before I went on the exchange year. It's crazy. Just that this time, even though my brain still didnt process it all, I'm a lot more excited because I know exactly who will be awaiting me at the airport. And I've been waiting for way too long to see him again.

I'm not quite sure if I'll be posting much while I'm there. Definitely not everyday as I did it last year. But we'll see :)

Catching up

Wow guys, I cant believe that there was actually cool stuff going on lately and I still didnt post about it. Guess I was just too busy with schoolwork.

Soo Sunday two weeks ago I went up to Cologne to see S's mom and her bf, and we really had a great time together! It was so good to see them again. I told them to meet up at the stairs between the cathedral and the main train station, thinking that that's a really nice little spot to meet. Got out of the train station, saw millions of people and just thought "crap, those stairs were sooo much smaller in my memory! o.o" hahah but oh well I found them rather quickly (they found me) and we walked around downtown, ate at a nice little bar (they liked Kölsch. Mission accomplished) and later went to see the locks on the bridge (you know, the famous one. It's incredible. Just amazing), went to the chocolate museum and got some nice ice cream. We just HAD to get ice cream since it's so different to what they have in the US and they just loved it, so another mission accomplished :D It was a great day and the weather was just fabulous.

Well then I did my final shopping for the trip, worked for the first and last time in April (it does feel good) and did a crap lot of work. I'm so glad it's over for now, but I think there should be another post about that ...