Freitag, 21. März 2014


3 weeks!
21 days until I'll already be on the plane somewhere over the big pond!

There really is no legit reason for me to post today except for saying that I am super excited to go back to Cville in 3 weeks. Literally. So excited.

So I counted, and I've been back home in Germany for roughly 9 months now. It's just CRAZY. Time is flying.

So I've been preparing this trip a bit for quite a while now. Went shopping and stuff, bought candy (loooots of candy. Literally. Like 6lbs.), prepared my visa and already got the 3rd change in flight dates. My flight schedule was kinda sorta pretty annoying in the beginning (lets just say, I had an overnight layover in London...) but now that it's changed a few times, it is WAY better! (1h layover in London. 10 MORE HOURS IN CVILLE)

I feel like time will go by fast now, although I still have a lot to do with school (the fact that I still have 4 exams, 2 presentations and 1 quiz that I know of in only 3 weeks makes me want to cry, but I guess I should be thankful to have something that'll keep me busy). I'll also start writing packing lists soon and stuff, because of all that other stuff I have to do and I doubt that I will have too much time for thinking much about what I want/need to pack the week before I leave.

What else is there to say. Nothing really. Exams started, but I've only taken 2 so far. I'm doing a church activity thingy tomorrow (Bolivien Kleidersammlung for my German followers) and I'm really looking forward to that because it's always a lot of fun. And I'm already going to Cologne next week! Woo!

Anyways, my bio exam is coming up. I should probably actually consider studying this time . . .
I'll keep ya posted!

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