Sonntag, 5. Januar 2014

Christmas, New Year's and T - 97

It's 2014 guys! Where did the time go?! :o

I thought that it might be time to catch up on some stuff that happened since November. It's not too much tbh.

I'm almost done with my first semester of German High School since I've been back. Time is FLYING, I'm telling y'all. Everything is going alright, PE is terrible, I'm still working on catching up in Italian and English class is getting kinda frustrating. I don't know, it's just boring - kind of a déjà-vu from last year lol. But all in all everything is fine, but very busy. 
I've been on christmas break since the day before Christmas. I didn't feel much of the break though, because I had to work about 90% of the time. Christmas was nice while it lasted, I had to work on Christmas Eve but really enjoyed the time with my family on Christmas Day. We went out to brunch and afterwards I went to see a play with my sisters - it was great. 
Then there was New Year's Eve / New Year's Day. After working on New Year's Eve I left town with my friends to go to one of my friends apartment. But the greatest thing: Kiara's family is from that exact town where my friend lives now. She and her mom came to Germany to spend some of her break with their family because of some health issues and whatnot. But the point is, Kiara spent New Year's Eve with me and my friends and it was pretty freaking awesome! I was sooo happy to see  that girl again. We watched the movie "Ted" with my friends and then went up on a hill thingy where you could look over the whole city and we watched the fireworks there. Kiara was so scared of them it was almost funny again. Unfortunately she couldn't stay the night, so her mom picked her up sometime around 2am on New Year's Day.

Deutschies reunited <3

 I slept over at my friends house, and we all left to go back home that afternoon (because I and another friend had to work the next day).
What else is there to talk about. I started saving for another 'Murica trip hahah :P My dream is to go back for about a month or something during the summer. 


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