Dienstag, 16. Dezember 2014

Heyo guys.
Seriously, I havent blogged in FOREVER. I didnt really feel like it and also school was really busy, but yeah now I'm here and I feel like I have some time and motivation to talk some about my life again. :P

So, where did I stop?! Still in Richmond.
Well the last few days at VCU where pretty great (as I might have already said, I really don't remember). The day before my flight home Sav had to leave town for family reasons, so I stayed in his room with the "southside gang" (basically just our bunch of people there). Having him leave first kinda sucked, but I also didn't really realize what was happening so maybe it even made the whole thing easier. But still, it was the first time he didn't come to the airport with me, and it was weird. So I spent the day with the rest of the guys, and the morning of my flight they all got up relatively early (definitely early for college students on a Saturday) to help me get my stuff ready and say goodbye, and then Michael and his girlfriend Hannah took me to the airport.
Leaving actually was a little easier. Maybe because the biggest (or worst?) part was already over, maybe because I knew it was only a 'see you later' and this see you later would only be 4.5 months away, which is the shortest it's ever been!

The first days home were pretty bad again, but once I got over the kind of cultureshock which seems to happen literally every single time, I was doing pretty well again. The month there at college with Sav was just fking perfect, it was the greatest thing we've ever done.

So then school started getting crazy. 2-3 exams every week until christmas break, we all thought we were gonna die. Well, I just started taking everything waay easier which is doing my mental health really well! And so today is already Dec 16 so it's only 3 more days until break, only one more exam tomorrow, and we survived it all. I don't quite know how, but looking back at it it wasn't even too bad.
Also, I finally got the okay for my research paper. So starting in January, I will have 3 months to write a 12-15 page research paper about the effect of music on children and teenagers.

Yeah, I've been trying to talk my parents into letting me go to VCU and getting me a new flute. I mean, as you might understand, it's a looooong process. But I honestly think I'm not even doing that badly, of course I won't get a 13,000$ flute by tomorrow, but I'm not doing too badly. I still need to look into the whole SAT taking thing and do that (eeeeh I dont wanna :( ), but I already figured out a lot of stuff. :) I'm really excited, I have exactly one year left do get it all done and I'll have to have applied by Dec 1 next year.

And I already booked my flight back to RVA :) I'll be gone between March 26 and April 11 this time. It's not a whole month again, I know, but it's my Easter break and that's all I've got so we gotta make the best of it.

Uhm, other thoughts ... plans ... I decided to do a crash course for my license next summer, so I'll get my license after two weeks of constant training. Sounds hard, is probably gonna be hard, but it's also quick and that's basically all I care about.
Then, I've been craving Chipotle like a bch. It's bad. I want a burrito.

And I'm turning 18 the day after tomorrow, but for some reason everyone else seems so much more excited that I am myself. Honestly, the thing I'm most excited about is that I'll be able to write my own notes for PE ... #lazy

Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2014

Beach time

Gotta love my Armanny

and that guy too :3

Welcome to the US, where they put random umlauts on the menu to make it look more German

Campus snapshot #1

Campus snapshot #2, the dining hall (Shafer)

Campus snapshot #3

Frands chilling in our room ~

First sushi in my life, and also breakfast

Seafood with those two crazy creatures

VCU waffles man. What is this madness, because I'm game

VCU arts - we're kind of a big deal

Short update on my great life here as a wannabe music student! Sorry I don't post as much but life is too much fun to spend time on the computer.

So last week wednesday we had friends from Cville coming over (Shaun and Armanny) and we went to VA beach with them for an evening. It was really great, just something you don't do every day but it was totally worth it. They picked us up at around 3pm and we got to the beach around 5.30. We went to eat dinner at some really nice restaurant right on the beach and just walked around and had fun :) Unfortunately we couldn't stay the night, so we headed back towards Richmond/Cville around 9pm. It was a heck of a drive, but it was so much more fun.

Then I had my first flute lesson with Dr. E last week friday. I was kinda worried/nervous, but it was fantastic! She's a great teacher (a lot like my german teacher for some reason) and apparently she really likes my playing (or maybe that's just what she's got to say hahah). We talked about majors and stuff, and she told me that a lot of the performing arts students have double majors. To make their families a bit happier and to have something to fall back on in case it just doesn't work out with getting a job and all that jazz. So right now I'm actually thinking about maybe doing the same thing and going for a double major in performing arts and international relations. Would be hella cool, but you know it's all a matter of how much you can affort.

What else. Uhm. Last weekend Sav and I tried to take the bus down to downtown Richmond, but we couldn't find "downtown Richmond", so we basically just rode the bus around and went back to the Campus to have dinner hahah. It was kinda fun. 
Other than that we still have the same classes (classes are fun. I really like them, even though I kinda have the need to punch his keyboard skills teacher every once in a while. She's like that old lady that just goes around, putting students on the spot and instead of actually teaching them she just keeps on yelling "no! wrong!" at them. Gaaaahhh). The food is guuuuud, we went to some new mexican places ("new". I just hadn't been there before) but we decided to stick to Cane's and iHop mostly :D
We still take kind of a lot of naps, go to bed way too late, hangout with the guys and do way too much insane stuff. But that's what it's all about, right? Having fun? Isn't that what college is about?

Well, I'm having tons of fun here, and I'm actually learning SO much. It's fantastic. I'll actually try to post a couple of pics later tonight :)

Stay fresh!

P.S. There's a "haunted house" thing on our floor right now, as preparation for Halloween I guess. It's pretty damn great. All you can hear is screaming people. Mwhahahahah

Dienstag, 21. Oktober 2014

A day in the life of a music student (shadow)

The alarm rings at 7 am. After a not all too comfortable night getting up is kinda hard, so we stay in bed until 7.45.
I'm really glad that the single bathroom isn't taken. I get a bit mad every once in a while when I'm in a hurry and a guy takes up that bathroom - as I'm staying on the boy's floor it's the only bathroom I can use while they have two big other bathrooms. Relatively quick shower and back to S's room. I feel kind of bad blow drying my hair while Luke and Kai are still asleep, but we have to leave.
8.45, we're heading out to get breakfast before class, meeting David R on the way but he doesn't want to come. Einstein Bros (Bagels) with bacon and cheese, veeeery good :3 So off to Keyboard Skills, that class. . . I spend the 50 min sitting next to Sav trying to teach him stuff on the piano and playing my own stuff. Turns out I taught him more than his teacher did all last semester - woops. Back to the room since our next class isn't until 11am.
Sav tries to sign me in; the security lady starts asking around if she's even allowed to take foreign ID's (don't be a bitch, it worked all last week.) Back upstairs, the guys are still asleep. We watch a show on the bed for about 45 min, then head back out to Aural Skills. Class with Dr. Hammel (m), comment: Oh, the shadow is back, the German! (background knowledge, he named me Shadow #2 last week) Girl next to me asks me if I know German and if my name is actually Shadow. Righttttt ... talk to her for a while, nice person :)
Aural Skills is fun, we're singing solfege and conduct and all that. Hard, but fun. Dr. Hammel lets us go early for no real reason, but who would complain. Sav and I try to get a practice room, but he can't open it so it's just back to the dorm again.
We eat some chocolate because we're already hungry again and watch some more "Hunter" (the show). At 12.40 he brings me down to the lobby again to sign me out so I can go to my next and last class, University Band. It feels good to be able to walk around campus by myself; I know my way around now, but he has to sign me in almost everywhere I go. I go to the huge performing arts center and sit down in the big hall with all the other band members. Kiara arrives only a few minutes later and soon we can go in together. Unpacking and on stage. I'm not quite sure whether Dr Austin knows that I'm still there, Kiara doesn't tell him; he looks at me a couple of times during rehearsal, probably because I sit right in front of him, but I'm still not sure. He starts telling us about his experiences playing at some national convention in Cincinnati and we play a bit, but the 50 min rehearsal goes by very very fast.
I walk Kiara halfway to the Pizza place because she wants to get food but then head back to Johnson since Sav will be waiting for me in the lobby at 2 to sign me back in (it's a pain). Neither  Kai nor Luke are in the room, so I use the time to practice a little and Sav does his homework. Luke and his girlfriend Emily walk in (oops) but only drop their stuff off before going to lunch. I practice for about 30 min before Kai comes back as well (for good). Sav is still doing homework.
I join him and help him out a bit, ending up in doing quite some levels myself (ought to say though, it was a very good practice for me too). It gets to the point where both of us just mess up over and over again, so we decide to just rest a bit - - and end up taking a 2h nap. Thankfully Kiara shows up at 6.20 to tell me where the flute recital is, I go into sort of a post-nap shock (unexpected nap fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck) which only lasts for a couple of seconds though since the recital is at 7. We get up and I slowly get ready. Sav doesn't want to come, so he just signs me out and starts working on the homework again.
Unexpectedly Dr. E is the one playing in the recital (with some guy on the oboe, he is reeeal good) I get together with Kiara and Taylor whom I finally run into for the first time since I'm here.
The recital is really nice, not too long and they play extremely well (well, they are the professors here) I text Sav as it's done and walk back to Johnson by myself. He is already waiting to sign me back in, and we go back up to his room (which is on the second floor btw). He is still doing homework, it doesn't seem to end. We start working together again (team work is the best kind of work) and it goes just on and on and on. People keep on walking into the room to talk a bit but never stay too long. at around 10pm I start getting hungry again, but we decide to finish the MacGomut first before going to Cane's. It takes us another hour until we're finally done, Unfortunately no one wants to come since they all got food already (damn homework.) It takes us quite a while to get our food, and we walk back to the dorms to eat it there. So back to bed it is, we eat our chicken fingers (God they're guuuuuud) and I go to get ready for bed/. I technically wanted to go to bed a little earlier, but it's already after midnight again.
So Sav and I get into bed, Kai as well as Luke and Emily are watching something on their laptops and we open YouTube to watch some PewDiePie. Thanks to Advising Day we don't have any music classes tomorrow, which means as much as no classes for me. Awkward as I am I will have to go to Sav's advising though, since neither of us can leave the building alone anymore (he signs me in with his ID, and the only way to get it back is to sign me out too). Oh well, who would complain? More to learn for me, and more time to practice.
We relax a bit from the day and soon fall asleep with the laptop open. Tomorrow, 7am, the alarm will go off again and who knows how we'll get out of bed this time ...

Sonntag, 19. Oktober 2014

First week

Heyo ihr lieben Menschen :)

Okay, also da ich ja grad wieder in den Staaten bin werde ich wohl erstmal auf Deutsch schreiben fuer meine Freunde/Familie dort . . .es gibt ja noch den translator :p

Letzten Montag war ich das erste Mal mit Kiara im Unterricht. Das heisst so viel wie, zuerst Keyboard skills, wo Sav auch war. Der Kurs war relativ furchtbar fuer jemanden der schon wenigstens annaehernd Klavier spielen kann, da haben wir also quasi nicht viel gemacht. Heisst aber auch, mit dem Kurs kaeme ich klar :D
Dann Oral Skills. Da ging es vor allem um vom Blatt singen, Solfage, dirigieren. Hat richtig Spass gemacht! :D Es gibt so eine Art Solfage Zeichensprache (ich weiss nicht mal wie das genau heissen wuerde), die ich jetzt mal gelernt habe. Dann muss man zum Teil Melodien auf Solfege singen, mit einer Hand dirigieren und mit der anderen die Zeichensprache machen. 
Music Theory. Natuerlich irgendwie schwerer als das, was wir in der Schule machen, aber es hat echt Spass gemacht und es ist auf keinen Fall unmachbar. Ausserdem wird Oral Skills und Music Theory von einem etwas aelteren Paerchen unterrichtet, sie sind unglaublich lieb und witzig und sie erklaeren die Dinge auch sehr gut. Wie gesagt, ich war in beiden nur einmal und ich habe in beiden auch so schon etwas gelernt, trotz Sprachbarrieren.
Ausserdem ist da dann noch Flute Choir, die Flute Masterclass und Flute Club, was aber letzte Woche alles ausgefallen ist.

Ansonsten ist hier alles ganz schoen schoen. Normalerweise essen wir morgens vor dem Unterricht immer entweder bei iHop (relativ direkt neben dem Gebaeude wo wir wohnen) oder in der Mensa. Gegen 5 Uhr gehen wir dann eigentlich immer mit der ganzen Gang zu Cane's, direkt neben iHop. 
Montag und Dienstag sind wir in die Schule gegangen, Mittwoch haetten wir nur Keyboard gehabt und ja . . . das haben Sav und ich dann sein gelassen :p Donnerstag und Freitag war dann "Fall Break" hier, und Mittwoch Abend sind wir mit einer alten Freundin von der High School zurueck nach Charlottesville gefahren. Eigentlich wollten wir dann zum Lake House von Sav's Vater fahren, das hat allerdings nicht so geklappt, von daher sind wir fuer das ganze Wochenende bis morgen Abend in Charlottesville, dann geht es zurueck nach Richmond. Hier in Charlottesville haben wir Shaun und Armanny, auch Freunde von der HS getroffen; waren mit ihnen abends weg und sowas. Heute haben wir Allie noch ein surprise visit abgestattet, es war suuuuper :D 
Joa, was gibt es sonst noch zu erzaehlen . . . ich hab jetzt wieder einen Laptop :D Sav hat mir seinen alten gegeben, und ausser dass er natuerlich keine Umlaute hat ist er richtig gut. Wir haben auch Mr Thomas einen Besuch abgestattet, war super :)

Okay, morgen Abend geht es wieder zurueck zur VCU. Am Montag ist ein Flute Recital wohin ich eingeladen wurde, und am Freitag hab ich wohl zum ersten Mal Unterricht!! :D Ich freu mich UNGLAUBLICH.

Alright . .  . not much else to tell, I'll talk to y'all later! :) 

Samstag, 11. Oktober 2014

Welcome to the Virginia Commonwealth University!

I made it!! I'm here :D

First of all, I'm sorry for not having posted in so long. I was really planning on doing it a couple of times but I was actually kinda busy with school and everything.

So yesterday was FINALLY Oct 10 and I got to go back to the United States - to Virginia - to see all of my lovely people here.

What happened ... I had to go to Charlotte, NC before going to Richmond. As much as I was looking forward to the weather here (It'd been over 80 degrees last week, I was so excited and even packed a pair of shorts), it's really rainy and kind of cold actually. Probably not quite as cold as Germany right now but yeah.

So Sav picked me up from the airport with two friends, David and Michael. They are reeally cool, I literally already love most of the people I've met here. We went to eat something first at a place called uhm .. something with Steaks? I can't remember. The food was good (I MISSED AMERICAN FOOD SO MUCH) but the portion as also huuge :D After that we stopped by at Target to get some stuff and then went to VCU to put my stuff in S's dorm room and just chill a little.

VCU amazes me. Having been at the University in my hometown in Germany not long ago I just realized how increadibly beautiful it is here. The buildings are huge (okay, everything is huge here) and I don't know. I can't quite put it into words other than saying that it's extremely beautiful.

So we hung out in Sav's room with a lot of people actually, it was great. They are all so nice and cool :) In general i just really like somehow how people just knock and walk in the whole time, like it's so rare to be alone. I don't know, maybe I'll start having a problem with that at some point but right now I just love having so many positive people around me, it's fantastic. They were planning on getting more food later that night, but in the end we didn't do it and I was kinda thankful because I was reeeeally tired.

This morning we stayed in bed til like 11 but it seemed way longer for me. Let's see how long this jet lag is going to bug me this time. But yeah after taking a shower and all that we went to iHop to get breakfast with all the people.

So, some background information for my following posts, just to understand all of what I'm talking about the whole time. "All the people" is most likely always gonna be Sav's group of friends. They call themselves the "South Side Gang" (because they all live on the southside of the dorm floor - tricky tricky lol) I can't really tell how many they are, I'm at 5 right now. I love them, they're all really cool and extremely nice and really positive people, so basically just the kind of people I kinda needed for a change :D
And also, I really like the dining thing here. So you get dining dollars from VCU (which you pay for in the tuition of course) on your VCU ID card and then there are fast food places on campus that take those dining dollars, it's perfect. I unfortunately don't have a VCU ID (that would've been so freaking cool) so I have to pay with "real money" everywhere . . . booooriiingggggg :D
What else is there to tell. I don't know, the dorms room really look like college dorm rooms hahah, it's so comfortable here. I FREAKING LOVE IT. I hope that the classes are gonna be just as fantastic. Kiara also stopped by last night to say hi, she lives in the same building but a couple of floors higher. I'm gonna be shadowing here in school and I'm really really excited.
This is gonna be so great :D

Montag, 1. September 2014

... of the attempt to register and wonderful people

Yo guys! It's getting closer!! :D
Only 5 weeks and 4 days - or 39 days - and I'll be on my way back to the US! :D 

So this post is about my attempt to register at VCU. . . I guess it's kinda obvious that it was a total mess.
So like, let's say a little less than two weeks ago I got the email that my internship is not super duper officially approved. Like, I got the signatures and everything. The guy who's been going through everything with me asked me to register then - I only had like 4 days because registration ended on August 27, so he asked me to do it relatively immediately. I tried, couldn't really find all the stuff online, so I emailed him again for help. Yikeeessss, weekend and I couldn't reach anybody, and then it was getting closer and there was no one who could help me and yeah. Soo the day before registration ended I decided to just email the administration office I mean, they should be able to help me. Turned out they didn't really know about my internship and everything about it (apparently it's kind of an unique thing), but they sent me the application to register as a non-degree seeking student. I was kiiinda stressed out because it was like 5 pages of application stuff plus I had to find my school transcript again and all that, but I actually filled it all out in like an hour, scanned it, sent it back.
After a few correspondences the news: Nele, you cannot attend college classes without a high school diploma. 
Uhm ... wha? So I told them that I wasn't trying to enroll in classes or anything but that I'm gonna be an intern in a couple of weeks. Answer: Oh, we think this is the wrong adress for you then. You should check with ***.
Whaaaaayy, that was kinda frustrating after all the filling out and stuff, but I emailed a different administration office that was supposed to know better how to help me. Result was, that I should register as an Advances Scholar. (Those are the high school kids in the area who are so smart that they can enroll in one or two college classes while still in high school.) That meant, I had to fill out 3 more papers, write an essay on why I wanted to do it (yup, I wrote that essay) and I even needed a recommendation letter from my guidance counselor! Since we don't really have that in Germany I asked them for permission to ask my English teacher instead (yes, I emailed her in the middle of the night during summer break for a recommendation letter ... she even said she's gonna do it asap,  really bless the Lord!) Oh, and they asked for my PSAT/ SAT score . . .yikes :D 
So yes it took me one night to fill out all that stuff and I turned everything in on August 27. (Except for the letter and the test scores of course)
Turns out: nah, this isn't really working. They are figuring out something else for me now to get me in as a visitor since I'm not staying for the whole year. I was shocked I mean, the deadline to sign up for classes was that exact day. Thank God they said I'm not tied to any deadlines anymore and they are just going to keep me posted.

At the end of that day I was really just so relieved. Yes, I filled out a ton of unnecessary applications, ran around collecting signatures and all of that, but in the end it all worked out for the better. And I just have to say how lucky I am for being able to do this - the people at VCU are putting a whole lot of effort in this project and it's amazing. I haven't even been there yet, but I already think that I'll really really like it :)

Oh yeah, S' and Kiara started classes there only 2 weeks ago - Dep of Music of course :3 And they really love it so yeeeaaah I'm excited af!!!!! 

Btw, as you might have noticed, I changed my blog a little. It's not "Destination USA - My year in VA 2012/2013" anymore - this blog hasn't only been about my exchange year for a while now. Now it's also about what came after it - it's me, trying to live my very own American Dream :)

Sonntag, 10. August 2014

What time is it? ~ SUMMERTIME !

I dont even know how to start this post. I saw that I havent posted anything in over a month, but nothing really happened, so yeah.

Ive been on summer break for two weeks now. Gosh guys, it feels so good. I really needed a break from school and everything and Im enjoying it to the fullest now.
My parents were on vacation for the past two weeks so I was home alone, which was AWESOME. I slept a lot, ate a lot (XD), but also worked a lot. I've been working crazily much because all the money I make now I will still get before I go back to the States.

Last weekend, I went to Paris with Sarah (my host family's exchange student from 2 years before me) and some other friends to see Carolyn, Jared, his girlfriend and her brother who are traveling Europe and stopped by in Paris to see us! It was great! :D So we went off to Paris on Saturday morning and spent the whole day running around the city to see as much as possible. It's a really beautiful city and we actually did see a lot for only one day, but you definitely have to spend like a whole week there or something.Notre Dame, Le Louvre (that thing is freaking HUGE), Champs Elysée and L'arch du triomphe.Went up on the arch and had like the most beautiful view over the city. We all fell in bed halfway dead that night :D The next morning we went to some huge cemetary where a whole lot of really famous people are burried (I cant remember the name) before we went off to see the Eiffel tower and meet our favorite Americans :3 We were supposed to meet them right underneath the tower - not thinking about the fact that there were hundreds of people . . . . anyways, we were really late but we found each other! :) Then we went to some church together and to Sacre Coeur afterwards. In front of Sacre Coeur were some pretty cool performers, like this one guy who was doing stunts with a soccer ball on a post - he was crazy - and a musician performing his original music and he was just sooo good! Then we went to the Luxembourgian garden and to get food, before we had to part again already :( It was a really short day, but we had a whole lot of fun :) So us Germans went back to the hotel and headed off back home. I got home at like 2:30am but it was definitely worth it!!

Finally reunited <3

Aint we qts

What else is happening right now. Ive been in touch with the professors from VCU and they actually have like the whole thing planned out for me and it all sounds so FREAKING AMAZING I CANT EVEN AAH!! Im so freaking excited and today its only 2 more months!! :D

Montag, 30. Juni 2014

"The world," he said, "is not a wish-granting factory."

Hey guys,
short update on life, because it's 5 in the morning and I cant sleep and I dont have much better to do.

So, everything about my fall trip is planned out now. I'm put on leave (it didnt even take long, maybe a week for my principal to reply), the flights are booked, I have a place to stay and a program to attend at VCU. Now all I can do is wait for time to pass reeeally quickly, because 102 days but still I just cant wait.

And right now I really do need time to pass quickly. Life's been rough lately, and I just want to go back to my american life and to S. Even though exams are over for me, school is being a real pain in the butt. My teachers are having the fun of their lives torturing us with all kinds of things, and I just cant wait for July 14 when they have to turn our final grades in (hence no more tests, quizzes, presentations and whatnot). Sometimes I wonder how people can be as sardistic as some of the teachers here are. Also, I wonder how I'm supposed to survive another 1.5 years with them.
On the other hand, I'll be done with junior year in like 4 weeks! Having made it feels great (I'll just assume that I'll make it through the rest now lol) and then if you think about it, it's only 1.5 more years and I'll be outta there. It's sad how we have 13 years of school and senioritis already set in like the flu. Everyone is trying to party their way through but really, we just all want to be done with high school already.
Oh, we're also reading + watching "The Fault In Our Stars" in English class now. Right now, English is definitely my favorite class - not only because well English, but also because my teacher agreed with us on reading and watching that book (which is most likely gonna end up in all of us sitting in the movie theater crying our hearts out) and not giving us any more grades. It's just a relieve when I look at all the other classes thinking that now that exams are over for us, we can just start with unanounced quizzes and all that fun stuff :) Oh man. But how does Augustus Waters say? "The world is not a wish-granting factory."

So I'm trying to start planning my summer break already. School gets out on Jly 25 and I'll already be home alone for 1 or 2 weeks starting that friday. I'm hoping to be able to take the TOEFL test during break, as well as the SAT but I'm not too sure that's gonna work out. Well, trying. Also I'll probly have to work a lot plus write my research paper or at least get started on it. Other than that, I'll just enjoy 6 weeks of no school and hope that they'll speed up the time so the fall will come even faster!!

~ 102 ~

Montag, 16. Juni 2014

VCU - here I come!

I know I said I wouldnt post anymore, but you know .. it's kinda the thing about blogging .. once you started, you dont really stop anymore hahah. Anywayyyyssss, I've got news!

So after talking through the whole internship thing with my school, they actually approved and said that if I have them put me on leave I can do it! That was a while ago, so ever since then I've been like frantically trying to plan it all out because since they're all already on summer break it's reeeally hard to talk to the professors over there.
But yeah, I finally made it and they approved of me coming to stay at the campus for 4 weeks as well!! Aaahh!! I was soo excited and I still am!

So I let my parents sign the request to put me on leave (I gave it to the principal like a week ago but it's most likely gonna take ages until I hear back from him), I booked the flights ( AAAHHH SOO EXCITEEDDD), VCU emailed me about the stuff that they have in mind for me anndd I found a place to stay! Since it's in the fall semester they dont have free housing where I could stay, so I'm gonna stay with an upcoming junior, Taylor, whom I have met during my exchange year and who also plays the flute! :D

I'm more than excited. It's like my dream coming true one step at a time and it just feels amazing. I'm so grateful for being able to do this. It's amazing.

I also decided on writing a research paper for school next year. It's gonna be for English class and about the effect of music on children, so it should be a lot of fun :) It's actually quite complicated because you have to write the research paper in one of your 3 major classes and you need the teacher you have in that class to supervise it, but each teacher is only allowed to supervise 5 students. And only in my English class there were like 9 people who wanted to write one . . . but my teacher said she already put me down as a priority because she knew I would want to write mine in English hahah. (She obviously knew it before me, because I just decided to write one at all lol) So that's probably what I'm gonna work on during the summer.

What else is there .. I dont know. Maybe I should just mention that the National soccer team just kicked Portugal's butt with a 4-0 victory in the world cup! GO GERMANYYY!

Also, 116 days til  VCU :3

Sonntag, 11. Mai 2014

"America 2.0"

America 2.0. The reunion. The 2 weeks I had been waiting for for over 9 months.

I'm sorry I didnt blog while I was in the states, and it's been 2 weeks already since I got back again, but I'll explain it to you. 
I'm not quite sure if I'm gonna keep this blog. Tbh, I kept it mostly for myself, because going back and reading what I did on certain days during my exchange year is the greatest thing on the world and I am so proud that I blogged every single day. But while I was in the states again, I thought that maybe, maybe I should stop. Because America became a part of my life, a huge part and it's there with me every single day, but I dont want to keep an online diary. As selfish as it sounds, I dont want the whole world to read about my everyday life, my relationship and all that. So I think this might be my last post, or at least they're gonna get way fewer. 

I'm still gonna tell you about my little "back to life" experience.

So the flight to Cville was alright, nothing went wrong but my last plane was almost an hour late so that made it really hard to wait for me. S' picked me up from the airport which was amazing; being back with him felt even better than I thought it would. It was amazing. 

Being back in Cville didnt feel weird at all. So many people asked me if it wasn't extremely awkward or anything but really, it just felt like I'd never been gone. I got there, S's family welcomed me so dearly, and I felt like home. 

The 2 weeks were the most amazing weeks that I've had in such a long time. I know I said that the weeks in Germany might have been the best of my life, but really, I felt like these 2 weeks were even better. I dont know. We're growing up, we're more mature about everything and still we're like little kids sometimes. It's amazing.

So what did we do. The first night back was prom, and it was really great. I got to see so many of my friends and yeah I cant even really put it into words. I totally surprised Allie and she started crying and I started crying and oh god. 
For the rest of the time I went to school with S', we went out to eat a couple of times (I dont think Ive ever had that many milkshakes in only two weeks . . . but they were so good *-*), went out to the movies and spent a lot of time just hanging out together watching Supernatural and stuff. We watched so much Supernatural together. You might say, what a terrible way to waste your time when it's already so limited but nuh uh. Even now looking back I can say that watching Spn in his was definitely one of the best things we did. And I miss it so much. 

Oh, we also cooked together. Skipped school twice (Senior Skip Day and my last full day there  . . . woops).

And I also spent a day with my host family again, played a lot with the girls and all that. We made grilled cheese and it was a taco night with cards and I saw Jeanne and Ken and Wendy's parents and Carolyn and all those lovely people and I was so happy. I really missed them.

 It was as if I had never left. And I wish I hadnt. Again. Of course S' and I are talking and skyping a lot, but especially the flight and the first few night back alone in my own bed were hell. It hurt so so much, and it still does hurt, but I know that I'll be back soon. 

I'm planning on going back for fall break now. Also, I have a 4 week internship around fall break (so the week before break, the two weeks of break and then the week after) which I am trying to spend in Richmond at VCU (try out the flute program and all). It's all really complicated but oh gosh I so so so so hope that it'll work out! Not only would that mean 4 weeks US at the college where my bf is gonna be as well as actually a whole lot of my friends, but I would get to look into the freaking FLUTE PROGRAM AT VCU HOW FREAKING AMAZING IS THAT CMON!?!?!? It's literally my dream and I'm working really hard on it right now. 

Anyways, I'll see if I'll keep on posting. And how frequently and all. But yeah, thanks y'all for reading my blog (again, maybe) you're the best and I love you!

And yeah, here some pics :) 

I also saw Lisa, the other German exchange student from last year again!!! It was amazing!!

Easter in VA <3

He was not amused on my last day..

I think I found myself a real swell guy right there.

Donnerstag, 10. April 2014

Today is the Day.

Today is April 10. It's spring break!

And also, it's my last day in Germany for the next 2.5 weeks. I don't think I have to mention how incredibly excited I am!
So today was our last day of school before break and we had to go the stations of the cross together which was kind of annoying since it was really cold in the morning. Well then we had another class of PE (Fun! or not) before break started and everyone was just getting excited about Easter and the free days and everything. I went to the bank to change my money (I have $$ again :3) aand yeah home. Finished packing, slept, got some more stuff done while there's still enough time.

Now it's a little after 11pm. I still have about 3.5 hours left until my dad and I will be heading to the airport, and 8.5 hours left until my flight departs. Aaand approximately 29 hours until I'll be back in C'ville!!! I'm so excited I want to cry :3

It'll be a really long journey. I have 2 layovers, one of them being 6h long (it'll be hard). But aaahhhhhhhh!!!!

So I'm skyping Sav now until I have to leave. It feels exactly like my last night in Germany before I went on the exchange year. It's crazy. Just that this time, even though my brain still didnt process it all, I'm a lot more excited because I know exactly who will be awaiting me at the airport. And I've been waiting for way too long to see him again.

I'm not quite sure if I'll be posting much while I'm there. Definitely not everyday as I did it last year. But we'll see :)

Catching up

Wow guys, I cant believe that there was actually cool stuff going on lately and I still didnt post about it. Guess I was just too busy with schoolwork.

Soo Sunday two weeks ago I went up to Cologne to see S's mom and her bf, and we really had a great time together! It was so good to see them again. I told them to meet up at the stairs between the cathedral and the main train station, thinking that that's a really nice little spot to meet. Got out of the train station, saw millions of people and just thought "crap, those stairs were sooo much smaller in my memory! o.o" hahah but oh well I found them rather quickly (they found me) and we walked around downtown, ate at a nice little bar (they liked Kölsch. Mission accomplished) and later went to see the locks on the bridge (you know, the famous one. It's incredible. Just amazing), went to the chocolate museum and got some nice ice cream. We just HAD to get ice cream since it's so different to what they have in the US and they just loved it, so another mission accomplished :D It was a great day and the weather was just fabulous.

Well then I did my final shopping for the trip, worked for the first and last time in April (it does feel good) and did a crap lot of work. I'm so glad it's over for now, but I think there should be another post about that ...

Freitag, 21. März 2014


3 weeks!
21 days until I'll already be on the plane somewhere over the big pond!

There really is no legit reason for me to post today except for saying that I am super excited to go back to Cville in 3 weeks. Literally. So excited.

So I counted, and I've been back home in Germany for roughly 9 months now. It's just CRAZY. Time is flying.

So I've been preparing this trip a bit for quite a while now. Went shopping and stuff, bought candy (loooots of candy. Literally. Like 6lbs.), prepared my visa and already got the 3rd change in flight dates. My flight schedule was kinda sorta pretty annoying in the beginning (lets just say, I had an overnight layover in London...) but now that it's changed a few times, it is WAY better! (1h layover in London. 10 MORE HOURS IN CVILLE)

I feel like time will go by fast now, although I still have a lot to do with school (the fact that I still have 4 exams, 2 presentations and 1 quiz that I know of in only 3 weeks makes me want to cry, but I guess I should be thankful to have something that'll keep me busy). I'll also start writing packing lists soon and stuff, because of all that other stuff I have to do and I doubt that I will have too much time for thinking much about what I want/need to pack the week before I leave.

What else is there to say. Nothing really. Exams started, but I've only taken 2 so far. I'm doing a church activity thingy tomorrow (Bolivien Kleidersammlung for my German followers) and I'm really looking forward to that because it's always a lot of fun. And I'm already going to Cologne next week! Woo!

Anyways, my bio exam is coming up. I should probably actually consider studying this time . . .
I'll keep ya posted!

Freitag, 21. Februar 2014

Well, I guess ...

... it might be time for another post. Time is flying in a way (I probly only say that because it's friday and I'm happy to have survived another long week) but I still want to take time to blog every once in a while.

So there's not much happening. There is a loot going on at school, much homework and presentations and exams are starting again soon. So it's really tough and busy right now, but we're gonna get through it (y)

It's carnival season. I literally have shows every weekend, so it's been hard to find time to work as well. It's so much fun and I really love my team ( <3 ) but it's also about time to be over now :P

Then, there's S's mom and her bf coming to Cologne next month and I'm gonna go and meet up with them, and I'm really super excited! Also because it's only a couple of weeks before I'M GOING BACK TO VA FOR SPRING BREAK. But right now there is just so much stuff happening that I don't even really have time to be excited. But I hope that til then a lot of things will be cleared up so I'll be able to fully enjoy the time with my friends.

And I've already got to go again, time for my last appointment for today. TGIF!!!

Sonntag, 5. Januar 2014

Christmas, New Year's and T - 97

It's 2014 guys! Where did the time go?! :o

I thought that it might be time to catch up on some stuff that happened since November. It's not too much tbh.

I'm almost done with my first semester of German High School since I've been back. Time is FLYING, I'm telling y'all. Everything is going alright, PE is terrible, I'm still working on catching up in Italian and English class is getting kinda frustrating. I don't know, it's just boring - kind of a déjà-vu from last year lol. But all in all everything is fine, but very busy. 
I've been on christmas break since the day before Christmas. I didn't feel much of the break though, because I had to work about 90% of the time. Christmas was nice while it lasted, I had to work on Christmas Eve but really enjoyed the time with my family on Christmas Day. We went out to brunch and afterwards I went to see a play with my sisters - it was great. 
Then there was New Year's Eve / New Year's Day. After working on New Year's Eve I left town with my friends to go to one of my friends apartment. But the greatest thing: Kiara's family is from that exact town where my friend lives now. She and her mom came to Germany to spend some of her break with their family because of some health issues and whatnot. But the point is, Kiara spent New Year's Eve with me and my friends and it was pretty freaking awesome! I was sooo happy to see  that girl again. We watched the movie "Ted" with my friends and then went up on a hill thingy where you could look over the whole city and we watched the fireworks there. Kiara was so scared of them it was almost funny again. Unfortunately she couldn't stay the night, so her mom picked her up sometime around 2am on New Year's Day.

Deutschies reunited <3

 I slept over at my friends house, and we all left to go back home that afternoon (because I and another friend had to work the next day).
What else is there to talk about. I started saving for another 'Murica trip hahah :P My dream is to go back for about a month or something during the summer.