Sonntag, 3. November 2013


Once again, I haven't been posting for quite a while.
Things have been pretty hard and partially really messed up, but thankfully it's getting better. :) Nevertheless, I'm still homesick.

I'm still talking a lot to my friends and people in the US - of course. And even though school is keeping me pretty busy, I'm still planning all kinds of things for the future. I wish I could just graduate already -.-
Well, one thing I noticed:
  Now that I'm gone, I'm talking to so many new people for some reason. People I saw around last year but we never talked, and now that we do I realize how nice and great they are and I regret nothing more than not talking to them in person when I still had the chance to. So, to all of you who are exchange students right now: TALK TO PEOPLE. Talk to everyone. Friends, people in your classes, but also random strangers you see around. Take the chance and make EVERYTHING out of EVERY MOMENT.

Gosh, I miss my friends so bad. I mean I'm back "home", but things changed a lot. I like Germany, but I feel like this is not really where I belong. I love my friends here, but I cant explain how much I miss my American friends, the American way of doing everything. - The American way of dressing (grabbing the first thing out of your closet, feeling comfy all day and not worrying about being judged because there's a 90% chance that youre still overdressed) - The American way of studying (wait ... studying?? ) - The American way of meeting people (let's talk to some random people about random things and have the time of our lives!)

But really, Germany is exhausting. I wish I had my "life-in-a-bubble" back.
I want to go back.

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  1. Hi Nele,

    thanks for providing so many thoughts on how it is to return home. It can be a very strange feeling, but believe me: It will go by. You should keep the great memories you've collected in mind for always. And I'm sure that you'll return to Virginia one day. I studied at UNC North Carolina and can absolutely understand what you're saying!