Samstag, 24. August 2013

Let's not make it stop. Ever.

So, today I thought about something. To be exact, about 5 minutes ago (since I havent even been up for much longer . . . o.O)
Anyways. I thought, since I'm back in  this "weirdo a* country" (how my band director last year said), I will blog in English now, so people in America can see and read whats going on with me now.

So, school started again. I'm in 11th grade "again", since I shouldve been a sophomore last year, but that's ok. I'm still in the same grade with all of my friends, and so far it feels like I haven't even missed too terribly much. Except for Italian of course, but I'll catch up eventually. School is okay so far, since the system kinda changed not that I'm kinda preparing for the final school exam in 2.5 years already, and this system is more like the America. It reminds me a lot of America, and keeps me busy, because I have to change rooms all the time :P
Never the less, I'm really homesick. I'm taking Math Analysis again this year (someone PLEASE tell me why I put up with it last year - sorry Vicky, I love you, you're probly the reason why <3) and it reminds me so much of America. Just that this time, I'm the one with the plan ( . . . kinda . . . ) , I don't have Vicky next to me anymore to explain everything to me, and well. It's in German. But yeah, we're talking about Sequences right now, which is still pretty easy.
Also, my Bio class is pretty much similar. I think or next (yeah, first) topic is going to be the cell, which I studied last year as well. Thank God. My teacher now is so boring and she makes it really hard to stay awake. I'm really glad that I had Ms W last year and that I still have my notes.
Other than that, I finally have a good English teacher. I'm so happy. I really like her, and at least we actually speak English now. I feel like I'm actually going to have some fun in that class :)
Oh btw, my homeroom is Italian now. Which means, I'll go on a school trip to Italy for a few days in 2015 :3

Yeah, what can I say. I miss my American life, my friends, my boyfriend and my old school. I'm skying Sav almost every day and a few of my friends too, but it still is not the same.

I want to go back.

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