Freitag, 12. April 2013

Woah! WOAH!!!

Today was just such a good day. Finally. Enough of the stupid stuff!

We had a pretty bad thunderstorm last night, and because it rained so hard I actually had a really weird dream with a lot of rain in it. It was so ... weird ...

So I got up in the morning and I was actually like, happy and everything. And I usually "hate" rain (except when it's like warm and everything. I just think it's too wet.)  but I loved it this morning! I just loved it! And I ate super cool cereal :3 Hahah.

Show Choir was full of awesomeness, just as always. At this point I want to mentally hug my dearest Allie girl who got her wisedom teeth removed today - get better soon dear :)
English could have been more interesting, but we watched most of the rest of the Great Gatsby movie, and I actually kinda like the story. I just dont like the ending very much but whatever.
Then I had Math and we took a Quiz and I already know that I got a 85% so a B!!!!!! on it and aaaah Im so hyper and happy about it and Im so proud nobody can understand that *-*
Aaand then I had French and we took a test about one of the Acts of our play we're reading. I actually didnt even read the whole thing (uhm ... psssssh) and I just sparknoted it and everything, and it still was really easy I think so waaaat!? But I was happy! :)

So my weekend started pretty awesome. I got home and started homework, at least kindaaaaa. I might have procrastinated ... a little ... but whatever.
We had dinner, but I dont know what Im doing or if it's my body right now but I felt soo sick afterwards,  it was not nice. So instead of playing cards I worked on my math homework and was just laying there, trying to make it better, without too much success.

I still kinda had to eat some dessert. Well, after everyone left I played some piano, and then just went on the computer.

Sooo tomorrow's gonna be amazinggggg so I should probably go to bed now :)


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