Samstag, 2. März 2013

Proud to be an AHS Wind Ensemble kid.

What a nice day everyone! Could have started better, slower, but all in all it was great I'd say :)

Soo, I actually had to get up around the same time as during the weeks, which kind of p*ed me off, but whatever. After breakfast, I went to Kroger with Wendy, and at 10 I had to be at my school for Woodwind Rehearsal. The annoying part was, that brass didnt have to be there that early. Sooo, we had Wind rehearsal til 11, then full rehearsal til 12.30, and then we got to eat a little lunch (Baaagels!) before we loaded the buses and headed to Fluvanna High School.

I dont want to say anything against AHS, but FCHS is soo HUGE and cool and modern!! But also a little sketchy and yeah, whatever.

So when we arrived there, we first had to put all our stuff in the Gym, and after a little wandering around (this school ... so big ...) we went to the Auditorium all together to watch CHS and MHS perform. They played pretty good :)

It took a while until we finally got to go to the warm up room, and soon after that we already performed! It was great hahah, we didnt have enough music stands until the last song and during the 2nd and the last song, one percussion thing broke and they had to fix it on stage ... awesome.
But we played pretty good. Pretty darn good to be honest, the best we had ever played the songs. And the results were just amazing too, every judge gave us a 1, which is the best rating! Looking at the fact that we were also the only 6th level band, it was AMAZING.

Im really tired tonight. It was a long day, I can barely breath because my nose is all stuffed up and nothing helps, and Im really cold and everything, it is just annoying. I guess Ill sleep in my hoodie again tonight, no shame. Way too cold.

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