Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013

Long, exhausting day

Wow. It's a little after 10pm at night, I just came home from working concessions and I'm super exhausted. But let's start at the beginning ...

I guess the day already started off better than yesterday. Might just be because it was a blue day. Who knows :P
Well, also the weather was actually pretty amazing. Sunshine and all that great stuff.

Biology in the morning was pretty cool, we're starting with genetics now which is actually interesting I think. At least thats what I think so far.
Band was kinda exhausting to be honest. I dont know, we were kinda stuck on one small part of one song which is usually just really annoying.
History was a lot of fun, just like always. Tyler wasn't there which made it a little boring, because I had no guy with amazing britishaustralianeverywhereinthewholeworld-accent next to me, but that was ok. Since Will wasn't there either, Sav and I got to work in a group project together with another guy in our class, and we pretty much played Monopoly to show the stocking market. Let's just not mention, that our group lost 999 trillion dollars .......
Well, drama just makes me mad lately. It's really no fun anymore and it's just annoying, so yeah. I wish I had switched out after the first semester and taken a study hall or something... well, too late.

I should have had after school rehearsal today, but I left at 4.15 to go to work concessions  at the men's basketball game. It was pretty much fun, exhausting but fun. I didnt know anybody I was working with, but that changed during the almost 4 hours we spent there, and I got to know some really funny and nice girls :) We were a pretty good team all together, and even though I didnt see a single thing of the game (whatever. UVA won :) ), it was a great time.

So now I'm just like, really tired and will go to bed, so yeah. Good night everyone :)

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